On​-​The​-​Go 9 // Various Artist

by Punishment, CGI ??, Neo D, Bun Jr., & More

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a great thirst remains though complacency blankets my ever-dying tongue! if only to find the time from whence the soul went cracking, i'd not run, yelling! none matter the word, caught up as we were, throwing 'round our voices in joyus exaltation,
who is pregnant with the
grape of humanity

recorded live to minidisc, 2000s


released August 29, 1988



all rights reserved


statlerwt Minnesota

2 Moments in Life

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Track Name: Bun Jr. - Rs (Tci. Mix)
tell them apart,
from a death in my heart,
and something tranquil,
laying there as i watch it bleed,
a stop and start, a feeling we will never part,
and then a brother, who cries out to me,
in need

or was it me,
that was asking the question?
was it me, that needed the advice?
for once now, maybe in my existence,
i feel that you might be right

but if you could see me now,
o, i guess you'd shout (shout),
if you could see me now, o,
would you know, what i was talking about?

a general confession,
to the sun and moon, it's true,
i feel love for humans, and all the disgusting things we do,
if you could see me now,
i guess i'd shout, "hello,"
thank you, i do remember,
and i wish i was there, i guess we could go there,
but, then again, i'm not sure where